Kamala Harris Husband Not Even Allowed to Text Her

Kamala Harris Husband Not Allowed to Even Text Her

(TruthandLiberty.com) – For most couples, texting is a standard form of communication. But what if one spouse serves as an elected official — say, the Vice President of the United States? The rules can get a bit tricky.

Living in the White House is very different from private life for couples. There is no such thing as normal. For example, did you know that Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff cannot text his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris? It seems bizarre, and some couples wonder how this arrangement would work long term.

To communicate with one another, Emhoff’s staff coordinates with the vice president’s office to determine her availability. Harris has chosen to work in a space in the West Wing instead of the traditional vice president’s office in the White House executive building, the location of Emhoff’s office. When in the executive building, Harris often visits her husband to say hello and chat.

So, why the lack of texting capabilities? While she’s the sitting vice president, Harris’ communications fall under the Presidential Records Act. It requires all written communiqués to be archived and one day will likely become public information under public record laws. So, to prevent unwanted disclosures or private messages from becoming public, the two communicate through staffers.

It’s a common practice. In 2018, former First Lady Michelle Obama said she and her husband often communicated through their chiefs of staff regarding work-related issues. Mrs. Obama said the practice helped them avoid work conversations during their private time together and allowed them to focus on themselves and their family.

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