Kamala Harris Greeted With Cheers of ‘F Joe Biden’

Kamala Harris Greeted With Cheers of 'F Joe Biden'

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Millions of Americans are unhappy with President Joe Biden. Too many things have simply gone wrong in America since his inauguration on January 20. In August, tens of thousands of sports fans across America started a new trend as they protested the president. They began chanting ‘F*** Joe Biden,’ which ultimately turned into the cleaner moniker, “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Sports enthusiasts have repeated similar anti-Biden chants at college and pro football games, NASCAR races and even in front of former President Donald Trump during the final game of the World Series on Tuesday, November 2.

On Monday, November 1, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Carnegie Hall in New York City with Governor Kathy Hochul to attend a performance. Let’s just say Harris was not likely prepared for the greeting she received. As the vice president exited the vehicle, chants broke out stating, “F*** Joe Biden and De Blasio.” New York police officers, firefighters and EMTs are losing jobs by the thousands due to vaccination requirements.

The New York City vaccination mandate may or may not be the driving force behind the chant toward Harris and Hochul. There are a variety of other issues plaguing America. Voters are telling pollsters in overwhelming numbers they believe the country is heading in the wrong direction as President Biden’s approval ratings continue to plunge.

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