Kamala Harris Bursts Out In Laughter During Trainwreck Interview

Kamala Harris Bursts Out In Laughter During Trainwreck Interview

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Typically people respond when something is funny, but it’s not likely that many people laughed at the latest comments from Vice President Kamala Harris. Despite her thinking what she said was hilarious, the rest of America wasn’t amused.

In her recent interview with Margaret Brennan on ABC’s “Face the Nation,” the vice president spoke about her first year as the nation’s second-in-command. A lot has happened in 2021, after all. While many Americans don’t believe the administration’s first year has been a success, VP Harris does.

When Brennan asked what the vice president believed her biggest failure has been since she began her term, Harris responded with a laugh and a smile that she wished she’d left the Capitol more. So it wasn’t the botched Afghanistan withdrawal the current administration attempted to pin on Trump? Or perhaps the border crisis at the southern border, which Biden gave put in Harris’ court, by the way. Her claim of not getting out of DC enough is bizarrely valid because it took her over 100 days even to visit the southern border after Biden nominated her to be his “border czar.” She may have forgotten that gem, but America hasn’t.

Despite the soft nature of the interview with Brennan, Harris appeared to have some degree of difficulty answering questions and even called democracy a national security threat; that had to be sarcasm, right? Perhaps Harris isn’t fit to be the Vice President of the United States. Then again, many people have similar feelings about her superior.

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