Justice John Roberts Most Popular Justice on Supreme Court

Justice John Roberts Most Popular Justice on Supreme Court

(TruthandLiberty.com) – If you follow politics, you likely know Joe Biden is not a popular president. Yet, if you had to guess who’s the most popular person in Washington, D.C. these days, you might go 0-for-3 and strike out. According to a Gallup poll released on December 27, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is the most popular figure across the three branches of the federal government.

The poll stated Roberts earned an astounding 60% approval rating and 34% disapproval rating among respondents to the survey. He is also the only federal official to enjoy support from a majority of Democrats (55%), Republicans (57%), and independents (64%). The next closest was Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell at 53%.

The poll comes as the Supreme Court is nearly a third of the way through one of the most controversial sessions in recent history. This spring, the High Court could overturn or limit “Roe v. Wade,” expand gun owner rights and limit the president’s ability to enact federal rules without the weight of law from Congress.

Voters say they like how Roberts handles his job as the Chief Justice. The 6-3 Republican-confirmed majority often sees Roberts swing between Conservatives and Liberals on the Court. Over the last few years, the Chief Justice has said he’s deeply concerned about a perception the Court may be partisan instead of objective. In September 2021, a Gallup poll said the Court’s approval rating dropped to 40% – the lowest since Gallup started asking the question in 2000.

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