Judge Tells Trump Organization to Comply With Subpoena

Judge Tells Trump Organization to Comply With Subpoena

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, the former president faced an unparalleled attempt to hijack his administration’s agenda. Since leaving office, Trump learned his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, concocted the Russian collusion scandal. The incident cost US taxpayers over $30 million to investigate as Democrats bogged down Congress over the issue. The saga continues as officials delve deep into the former president’s financial records.

Trump has dealt with a deluge of legal battles with New York prosecutors and two attempts at federal impeachment. In 2019, Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, testified before Congress the Trump Organization cooked the books to make his asset valuations look smaller, so he could avoid paying taxes to New York. Soon after, New York Attorney General Letitia James began investigating Trump and his business. Now, a judge is ordering the Trump Organization to comply with James’ subpoenas by the end of April.

Judge Orders Trump Organization to Comply With Records Request

On Monday, March 28, the New York Supreme Court ordered the Trump Organization to comply with James’ request for documents. According to the Washington Examiner, Justice Arthur Engoron said the AG’s report must specify how many records it wants to collect and review and from what devices. Attorneys for the Trump Organization said they would comply with the subpoena seeking information from employee devices and provide a report to the court about which devices they searched.

The company told Judge Engoron it would provide most of the requested documents by the middle of April. Company lawyers say there is only one device left to search, and that was a phone belonging to company lawyer Alan Garten. In addition, Engoron ordered the company and court-appointed forensic company HaystackID to produce weekly updates on the progress.

The judge’s ruling pleased prosecutors in the AG’s office, who said they intend to hold the former president and his company accountable.

Trump Fights Back

Over the last three years, Donald Trump pushed back hard against the allegations he cooked the books on his asset valuations to avoid taxes. In December, the Washington Examiner reported Trump filed a lawsuit against James, alleging her investigation was purely political. He accused James of harassing, intimidating, and retaliating against a private citizen that she sees as a political opponent.

Trump’s lawsuit against the AG’s office came weeks after James said she would like to question Trump under oath via a subpoena. In May 2021, the attorney general alleged that her office found evidence of a criminal element in the Trump Organization. Trump responded by saying the most corrupt thing in the entire situation is an attorney general searching desperately for a crime that doesn’t exist.

So, is Trump right? Is James on a witch hunt? Only time will tell.

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