Judge Says Professor Has Free Speech Rights After Being Cancelled

Judge Says Professor Has Free Speech Rights After Being Cancelled

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Can an employer, especially a publicly funded one, fire you because you don’t fall for Left-wing political orthodoxy? That’s at the center of a case involving a math professor at the University of North Texas (UNT). In 2019, someone anonymously left flyers warning about microaggressions in the school’s mathematics faculty lounge. Professor Nathaniel Hiers wrote a note on a chalkboard above the flyers telling people not to leave garbage lying around.

Even though school administrators didn’t approve the flyers, the Math Department chairman ordered Hiers to apologize and attend supplemental diversity training. When Hiers refused, the school rescinded his teaching contract under the guise his actions could be considered threatening. Judge Sean D. Jordan ruled that microaggressions are up for public discussion and that the professor had a First Amendment right to speak out openly on the issue — even if someone on the Left found it offensive.

UNT openly admitted it fired the professor for his words and refusal to recant and adopt the Left’s worldview. The Judge said the school’s action was a violation of the Constitution and that the US Supreme Court has ruled on similar matters numerous times. He added that an employer could not compel speech. If one does, it ends debates necessary to the ongoing improvement of the Republic.

So, once again, a judge protected free speech by ruling that the Left cannot unconstitutionally punish someone for disagreeing with them.

Will the decision stop would-be oppressors from trying again?

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