Josh Hawley Sounds Alarm on Sweden & Finland Joining NATO

Josh Hawley Sounds Alarm on Sweden & Finland Joining NATO

Josh Hawley Exposes NATO’s Latest Move – Says What No One Else DARES To Talk About

( – For decades, Sweden and Finland have remained neutral between Moscow and NATO. After Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the two Baltic states grew concerned about President Vladimir Putin’s aggression and applied for membership in the military alliance. On July 5, the alliance’s ambassadors approved the initial process to fast-track the two nations’ inclusion. Still, the United States Senate must approve the measure for it to become official.

On Monday, August 1, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) wrote he couldn’t support bringing the two countries into the fold. The senator stated the reasons for the applications were understandable. Yet, he feared more harm than good coming from the move, considering the US’ greatest adversary wasn’t hanging over Europe. Instead, the Missouri lawmaker said America must focus on China.

Hawley said expanding US security interests in Europe would be a mistake. He argued it would make America less safe and the problem with Russia worse. At the same time, the Senate Armed Service Committee member said the country isn’t ready to confront the Chinese Communist Party. Hawley noted that bogging down the armed forces in eastern Europe could distract the military from focusing on China.

Despite the objection, Democrats and Republicans have widely praised the NATO applications of Finland and Sweden. The Senate expects to vote on the matter by Friday, August 5.

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