Jordan Peterson Announces He’s Leaving the Twitter Platform

Jordan Peterson Announces He's Leaving the Twitter Platform

Guess Which Popular Twitter Account Just Went Black?

( – For some people, criticism on Twitter can be difficult to handle. Perhaps it’s because it’s not really a criticism so much as it’s just raw meanness. On Friday, May 13, famed psychologist and author Jordan Peterson said he received a slew of insults on the platform. The author has 2.3 million Twitter followers but said he felt immensely better after a three-week trial away from the platform. After a brief return, Peterson said he’d had enough with Twitter.

The announcement came after Peterson recently offered a controversial post criticizing Sports Illustrated Magazine’s Swimsuit Edition’s choice to put plus-size model Yumi Nu on its cover. Peterson said the magazine cover was not beautiful and authoritarian tolerance wouldn’t change it. Apparently, Peterson’s post offended many, and they let him know their thoughts.

In a cacophony of tweets, the psychologist said he was leaving the platform permanently this time and would write an article to explain his thinking. He stated the insults were too much, and it’s something one can’t experience anyplace other than Twitter. Peterson noted the platform incentivizes the behavior, making it dangerous and insane.

Peterson retired from teaching in 2021. His YouTube lecture and discussion videos earned millions of views.

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