Jon Tester Tells Democrats to Show Up to Rural America

Jon Tester Tells Democrats to Show up to Rural America

( – With the midterm election just months away, Democrats are worried about losing their majorities in Congress. The three-term senator from Montana, Jon Tester (D-MT), had some advice for the left. He told his party if they want to keep winning, they need to go to rural America.

Tester has previously criticized his party’s failure to reach out to constituents he calls Middle America, explaining it’s the area between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. Now, he’s doubling down on his statement.

The Democrat argued Montana leans heavily toward Republican presidential candidates, especially Trump, who he says has a unique appeal to rural voters. During an interview on CNN’s “Axe Files,” hosted by David Axelrod, Tester noted Democrats wouldn’t hold a majority for much longer if they don’t fix their approach to the rural community.

The senator called rural areas toxic for most national Democrats because they’re unwilling to go out and talk to people who don’t want to hear them. Tester believes it has become this way because his party doesn’t show up. If anyone has experience winning over the hearts of rural voters, it’s Tester. The senator won his seat in a Republican-heavy part of the country. He may have only gotten just over half of the votes, but he outperformed Biden, who lost by 16 percentage points to Trump in the 2020 election.

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