John Oliver Takes Aim at Richard Sackler

John Oliver Takes Aim at Richard Sackler

( – A comedian’s job is to take complex issues and use humor to make serious points. Last Week Tonight host, John Oliver, recently poked at Purdue Pharma and once again used humor to relay his message.

Purdue and its CEO, Richard Sackler, played a significant role in the opioid epidemic. In 2020, the massive pharmaceutical company pleaded guilty to three felonies and agreed to an $8 million fine. In addition, it also reached a bankruptcy settlement of $4.5 billion in exchange for future immunity.

While Sackler and his family no longer own any part of the company, they started a website to fight against the negative press and public relations from the legal fallout. The “.info” is vital in this case. Oliver criticized the wealthy family for failing to spend $2,000 to purchase the .com version of the domain; the comedic host then bought it and turned it into a website mocking Sackler.

Oliver also hired Richard Kind to reprise his role to parody the Purdue Pharma CEO. On the website’s homepage, Kind suggests people were on the actual website to learn the truth about what “my horrible family has done.” He also questioned what kind of “idiot” would create such an essential website and not buy the .com.

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