Joe Rogan Says Woke Twitter Mob Is the Latest Religion

Joe Rogan Says Woke Twitter Mob Is the Latest Religion

Joe Rogan Sounds The Alarm On The Next Religious Movement

( – Popular podcaster Joe Rogan has given fans another reason to love him and progressives a cause to dislike him even more. He’s so popular that Spotify gave him $200 million to keep “The Joe Rogan Experience” exclusively on its platform through 2023. The commentator could earn even more money. So, whenever the entertainer says something and people tune in, the host and the venue are delighted.

On Friday, July 8, Rogan talked with tech entrepreneur Marc Andreesen about the state of the Twitterverse. According to The Daily Wire, the two agreed the social media platform has evolved into one big religious cult. Andreesen even stated it’s a normal process because people want to feel included in a group, and that’s how cults develop.

Is Twitter One Big Religious Cult?

Andreesen told the host many on Twitter want to reform it into a religious experience as a new woke cult-like entity. He added people would create new ethical and moral ideas to hold one another accountable as part of the process. As a result, the tech guru said Twitter users have created a “non-spiritual religious cult.”

Andreesen said the distinguishing characteristic of a religion is it embraces a crazy belief that outsiders see as outlandish. The crazy idea binds people together, making them part of the clique and giving them a sense of belonging.

Animated, Rogan exclaimed how Andreesen’s idea perfectly summarized the state of Twitter. Comparing the platform to evangelical Protestantism, Andreesen said the Twitter religious cult is similar in many ways. It has the doctrines of sin, redemption, ex-communication, and privilege.

Those Who Live On Social Media Made an Equivalent To Christian Religion

Rogan stated it’s not hard to identify the evangelical Christian patterns in the woke Twitter religion. He noted on the platform, a person demonstrates how virtuous they are by outdoing others in terms of wokeness, but the podcaster had more to say. The wealthy performer added the popular microblogging network has church services through DEI seminars — meaning it practices diversity, equity, and inclusion on its altar.

As the host reflected on the last thirty years of political life in America, he said people defined Conservatism and Liberalism very differently not long ago. The podcaster said Liberals embraced the ideals of freedom of speech and peaceful protest. They listened to others’ ideas. In contrast, the political critic said many felt Conservatives used to want a suppressive nanny state prohibiting certain words and actions in public.

Rogan expressed surprise at how values have inverted, with Conservatives now exhibiting far more tolerance than Liberals.

So, what do you think? Are Rogan and Andreesen right?

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