Joe Rogan Says Power in Hands of Government After Lockdowns

Joe Rogan Says Power in Hands of Government After Lockdowns

( – In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern instituted some of the harshest and most severe COVID mitigation orders in the world. At a recent press conference, which was only available to accredited journalists recognized by the administration, Ardern announced the government was pushing for mass COVID-19 vaccinations and mandates.

A skeptical citizen journalist questioned the vaccination effort. At that point, the prime minister cut him off and left immediately.

So, what question bothered Ardern so much? He wanted to know why vaccines weren’t working in Israel, the world’s most vaccinated country. The incident created enough news it caught the attention of highly popular podcaster Joe Rogan. On his show, Rogan mocked Ardern for behaving like a queen and acting as though she were above reproach.

According to Rogan, the New Zealand prime minister didn’t want to answer the question because vaccinated individuals were responsible for the largest percentage of positive cases and deaths in Israel. He said it would ruin her narrative and cause people to think critically. Perhaps Rogan saved his most important point for last. The celebrity podcaster said people like Ardern have ultimate power in the wake of the pandemic. They can arbitrarily shut down businesses and force people to stay locked up in their homes.

It’s not even that they have the power to exercise it or want to protect the people. Rogan opined they do it because they love the control.

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