Joe Rogan Reacts After His Days of Being Cancelled End

Joe Rogan Reacts After His Days of Being Cancelled End

Joe Rogan Reacts To Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

( – Over the last several years, Twitter’s censorship of Conservatives’ free speech rights has frustrated them. Many believe social media is the modern-day public square where people gather to discuss and debate controversial or political issues. On Tuesday, April 27, the billionaire owner of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, announced Twitter agreed to sell him the platform for $44 billion.

Upon learning the news as it broke, comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan appeared stunned and gleeful at the revelation. Rogan ecstatically stated Musk was akin to a hero in a movie — a billionaire who makes electric cars and rockets that go into space. Rogan said the transition would be interesting to follow and praised Musk for championing free speech rights, enthusiastically agreeing with the billionaire’s standpoint.

Rogan said Twitter banned accounts for sharing content that didn’t fit the company’s beliefs. At best, he said they shadow-banned people so nobody would see specific posts — limiting freedom of expression.

Before the news broke, Rogan discussed his fascination with cancel culture. Rogan has 8.7 million followers on Twitter and has one of the biggest podcast audiences in the world. Several musicians tried to get Rogan kicked off Spotify for controversial statements earlier this year. Still, Spotify stayed by Rogan’s side and said it would not cancel his voice.

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