Joe Biden’s Voice Sounds Like He’s Sick, Twitter Warns

Joe Biden's Voice Sounds Like He's Sick, Twitter Warns

( – For better or worse, there’s a constant tension surrounding President Joe Biden and his age. He’s the oldest living president ever to occupy the White House, at 79 years old. On Saturday evening, December 4, Biden appeared at a DC social event without wearing a mask at a Kennedy Center event. It’s become a bit of an issue for the president, who continually tells Americans to mask up and has ordered Americans to wear face coverings on public transportation.

Making the matter more perplexing, on Friday, the president spoke with a hoarse voice at the White House regarding the poor jobs support. The White House said Biden picked up a cold from his grandson. The Commander in Chief stated he’s tested for COVID-19 daily and checked for the Delta and Omicron variants. On Friday, the White House contradicted Biden’s lapse of memory. White House physician Kevin O’Connor said they don’t test the president daily but confirmed his cold diagnosis.

According to the CDC, Biden’s age puts him at high risk of complications should he contract COVID-19. Since Thanksgiving, he’s been spotted in public several times without wearing a face covering. On December 1, the First Lady broke White House protocol when she refused to mask up in the presence of children during a reading of her story to elementary-age children.

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