Joe Biden Wants to Stop a Report Analyzing Dominion Voting Systems

Joe Biden Wants to Stop a Report Analyzing Dominion Voting Systems

( – As speculation and controversy continue to surround the 2020 presidential election, people are beginning to demand answers, whether they’re favorable or not. Much of the debate stems from the use of Dominion voting machines and states that reported irregularities. The Biden administration is attempting to hold a recent report concerning the voting system. The question is why.

A Security Risk

Biden’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) officials recently requested US District Judge Amy Totenberg not to release a report analyzing the Dominion Voting System (DVS) in Georgia, one of the states having issues with the system. The officials warned the report could contain sensitive information that would assist would-be hackers and threaten the integrity of elections.

CISA received the unredacted analysis after the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society’s director, J. Alex Halderman, prepared the report. The federal government claims the report shows potential vulnerabilities in the voting machines from Dominion.

The cybersecurity agency claims that while it does support the public release of information about vulnerabilities and ways to prevent their exposure in election systems, it claims releasing the data now would increase the chances of someone exploiting such weaknesses, therefore threatening election integrity.

CISA asserted they want to review and assess the information with Dominion before allowing the information to go public.

Suspicious Minds

Former President Trump has been the driving force behind the claims of a fraudulent election, but many observers chalk it up to him being a sore loser. With regards to Georgia, Trump mentioned anomalies he believed could be tied to election fraud, and now, the Biden administration wants to halt the release of a report indicating potential irregularities in the DVS machines.

Several people support the idea of allowing the public to see the raw data, including Dominion’s president and CEO, John Poulos. According to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s statement, the Dominion CEO claimed Halderman’s evaluation wasn’t comprehensive enough. Poulos added he fully supports any effort to uncover evidence defending Dominion’s system and the integrity of elections in Georgia.

The Coalition of Good Governance has also voiced its support for releasing the data. Plaintiffs in the matter, including the coalition, didn’t deny CISA should receive a copy of the report and begin its evaluation. However, they don’t believe the public release of the information should be delayed.

With so much support from several people and organizations to release the report, why is Biden trying so hard to curb the effort? What could the president be hiding?

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