Joe Biden Storms Out As Reporters Question Him About Christmas Shortages

Joe Biden Storms Out As Reporters Question Him About Christmas Shortages

( – President Joe Biden is developing a pattern. It appears he doesn’t want to talk off script and answer questions from the media, a far cry from the Trump days when the former president spoke spontaneously with reporters. On Wednesday, October 13, the president gave a speech at the White House about the developing supply chain crisis gripping the country.

At grocery stores, retail outlets and car dealerships, supplies are dwindling quickly. The president announced a California port would begin operating 24/7 to unclog the supply chain to solve the problem. Hundreds of ships with thousands of cargo containers currently sit idly off both US coasts. Biden announced FedEx, UPS, Walmart, Samsung, Target and Home Depot would send drivers to help ports unload during the overnight hours.

The speech left reporters and Americans with more questions than answers. How will a lack of truck drivers impact the supply chain nationwide? Will Christmas presents arrive on time? It didn’t matter to the president. In what has become customary for Biden, he refused to answer any questions. He turned his back and walked away from the press.

Distribution chain specialists say there isn’t a problem with cargo movement. They say the demand is so high for goods that supplies can’t keep up with the pace. Experts expect the predicament to last through 2022.

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