Joe Biden Repeats Trump 24 Times in the Virginia Rally

Joe Biden Repeats Trump 24 Times in the Virginia Rally

( – it was difficult to tell who was running for governor in Virginia on Tuesday, October 26. President Biden stumped for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, who’s running against surging Republican Glenn Youngkin. Still, you might never know it listening to the president. In his short 17-minute stump speech, Biden mentioned former President Donald Trump 24 times.

Biden spent little time addressing McAuliffe’s past achievements as Virginia’s governor and avoided his agenda altogether. Instead, Biden emphasized how he saw Youngkin as a Trump acolyte, even though Trump isn’t involved in the governor’s race in any way. Youngkin has not sought the former president’s support, and Trump didn’t endorse the GOP candidate.

Without a positive agenda for McAuliffe to run on and the momentum swinging hard toward Youngkin, tying the candidate to Trump must be the path Democrats think they will need to win. In 2020, Biden defeated Trump by 10 points. Recent polls show the top two candidates in the gubernatorial race within 1 point of each other in the most recent polls, even in a state that’s historically trended blue over the last decade. It appears Critical Race Theory, inflation and empty store shelves are more impactful to Virginians than rehashing an election from the past.

Whether Youngkin wins or loses, the fact it’s close could indicate voters’ reactions to the Democrat’s shift to the far-Left in a country where only 25% of voters say they are Liberal.

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