Joe Biden Provokes Russia With Disturbing Troop Order

Joe Biden Provokes Russia With Disturbing Troop Order

( – Since President Joe Biden took office on January 20, the United States has experienced a historic illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. Over a million people have defied US law and crossed the border illegally, and Biden has all but invited them.

While the president is doing nothing to bolster US sovereignty at the southern border, the administration is busy taking steps to strengthen Ukraine’s border security and risk a war with Russia. Why is Biden more concerned about Ukraine than America?

On Thursday, November 11, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba shared details about a strategic partnership between the United States and Ukraine to reinforce the European nation’s border security. The deal appears to focus on deterring Russian aggression against the former Soviet state. Kuleba said the countries signed a multi-year agreement earlier in 2021. Could the United States be inflaming tensions with Russia, which could see the agreement as provocative and threatening?

Why is Joe Biden compromising America’s border but working to secure another country? In 2020, America learned that Biden’s son, Hunter, was appointed as a Ukrainian energy company board member during the Obama/Biden administration despite having no knowledge or experience in the energy field. Hunter’s only value was that he was the son of the sitting vice president at that time.

Is Biden compromised? If so, his decisions could impact people well beyond US borders.

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