Joe Biden Accidentally Said the “Quiet Part” Out Loud

Joe Biden Accidentally Said the

( – Joe Biden has been a gaffe machine for decades. In July, the president accused Facebook of “killing people.” After the statement, White House communication officials spent time cleaning up the verbal mess. In August, Biden humiliated America on the international stage with his military pullout from Afghanistan. On Monday, October 4, he did it again.

This time, the president slipped and told Americans what he really thought of them. When a reporter asked about foreign policy, Biden said he didn’t want to get off track from the debt ceiling discussion. He feared he might “confuse the American people.” Some pundits believe the president insinuated the US population was too simple or uneducated to understand more than one subject at a time.

Biden could have respectfully said his focus was on the debt ceiling. Many listeners would have appreciated that perspective. Besides, how, exactly, would he have been confusing the American people? The differences between foreign policy and debt ceiling issues are profound. No, it seems the president had a moment when he severely lacked self-awareness, and he made his thoughts about Americans clear.

Biden has wandered off on selective tangents before. In the early months of his presidency, White House staff tried to keep him focused on prepared statements and tried not to let him answer questions from reporters. Every time he did, there was an unforced error that required clarification.

The president caused a stir in March when he called Russian President Vladimir Putin “a killer.” He said he wanted the two infrastructures bills linked together in mid-June, or he would veto the bipartisan deal. The move caused a major outcry that later forced the White House to claim Biden hadn’t threatened a veto.

For a long time, political observers said the issues were just Joe being Joe. Yet, due to all the troubles and distractions Biden’s gaffes have caused the White House, it’s no wonder officials want him to stay on script.

Who knows what other secrets the president will share next?

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