Jill Biden’s Hypocrisy on Child Masks Is Blowing Up

Jill Biden's Hypocrisy on Child Masks Is Blowing Up

(TruthandLiberty.com) – According to President Biden’s COVID-19 plan, which he revealed in early November and posted on the White House website, wearing a mask indoors is a priority to help end the pandemic. There’s just one problem: The Bidens have a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality regarding the requirement.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, photographers caught the president not wearing a face-covering in a store despite a sign on the door saying masks were required to enter. On Monday, November 29, First Lady Jill Biden might have committed an even more egregious act.

In the White House, where face coverings are required, Mrs. Biden appeared maskless before 17 kids from a local elementary school, who were all masked. Apparently, the rules apply to the kids, but not the 70-year-old adult. The second-grade class attended the White House Christmas event, which included a reading of Biden’s new children’s book, a “Donkey Hodie” puppet show, an appearance with “Wild Kratts” stars and several other PBS characters.

Not only did the first lady never once don a mask, but Martin and Chris Pratt of the PBS kids show “Wild Kratts” also took their masks off almost immediately after coming into the room. They spoke to the kids maskless for around 4 minutes before introducing Jill Biden and then masked back up. Biden never covered her face with a mask.

It’s just one more example of rules for thee, but not for me.

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