Jill Biden Tries To Strip Female Support From Trump

SSG Sun L. Vega, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – On Friday, First Lady Jill Biden said that if former President Donald Trump came back to the White House it would be a threat to women who have already seen how Trump’s appointees in the Supreme Court had taken away the federal right to abortion services. 

Biden argued that Trump throughout his life has devalued and turn women down. This statement was made in Atlanta, where Jill Biden had launched a multistate tour in support of President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential reelection campaign outreach program that is focused on women.

Jill Biden said of her husband that she was proud to have seen how her husband had focused on women with his agenda. She pointed out that this was very different to Trump, who as she pointed out mocked women’s bodies and disrespected them. She continued by adding that Trump would brag about assault and even this last week took credit for having destroyed Roe v. Wade. 

This address marked a change in how Jill Biden participated in the campaign in support of her husband as previously she would focus more on telling endearing stories about him. However, with her recent speech, she took a more aggressive stance as President Biden and former President Donald Trump are likely to face each other once more in the 2024 presidential election. Women are one of the demographics that could help determine the results of the Electoral College in battleground states. 

Jill Biden proceeded to point out that their general was the first one that would have to face having daughters who are granted fewer rights in the United States than the ones they have. 

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