Jen Psaki Lied About Report, Investigators Find

Jen Psaki Lied About Report, Investigators Find

( – The White House Press Secretary’s job is to provide information about the President of the United States’ decisions and administration policies. Often, press secretaries have to answer difficult questions, but they’re supposed to be truthful to the American people, as is the administration they represent. A recent investigation uncovered the current White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, lied about a report.

During a February 11 press briefing, Psaki asserted there wasn’t a report critical of Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal. Based on documents obtained through a freedom of information act (FOIA) request submitted by the Washington Post, Psaki lied. In fact, there was a report criticizing the Biden Administration’s role during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon after-action report, which the administration initially denied existed, shows tensions between the US military, the White House and the State Department. The Washington Post published the report after submitting the FOIA request. Several top military officials claim Biden’s White House was indecisive during the messy withdrawal, according to the report.

US military leaders bashed the Biden administration for underestimating the Taliban’s ability to regain control of the country. The White House believed it would take weeks or months for the terrorist group to overthrow the Afghan government, but it only took hours. In all, the report spans 2,000 pages.

A report that massive is pretty hard to hide. Yet, it certainly seems Psaki tried when she denied its existence. The question is, why? While it’s true her job is to protect the administration’s image, she also has a duty to the American people. It seems she’s put herself in a difficult position. Will the press or the American people now trust anything Psaki has to say? Won’t the loss of trust impair her ability to perform her job effectively?

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