Jen Psaki Flips Out After Tough Questions From Reporters

Jen Psaki Flips Out After Tough Questions From Reporters

( – On Monday, August 23, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki grew irritated at the line of questioning from Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy. The questions were relatively simple, but Psaki didn’t seem to like them at all. The reporter asked pointedly if President Biden was aware of the criticism pointed at him after pulling out of Afghanistan. However, that’s not what bothered Psaki.

What got under her skin was Doocy’s assertion that the president withdrew the troops from the war-torn country before getting out stranded Americans. Psaki shot back that Doocy’s statement was irresponsible. When the reporter asked for clarification, the press secretary said she was simply calling out the reporter for stating the US government stranded American citizens across Afghanistan. However, numerous reports have emerged of Americans left high and dry in their homes with no way to get to the airport for a flight back to the States.

On Tuesday morning, Biden announced that he would not extend a deadline with the Taliban to get everyone out by August 31. So, it’s conceivable that, once again, Psaki spoke too soon. According to one American woman, whose name Fox News is withholding, she gave up hope that she would get out of the country.

In a call to Fox News, the witness said it’s impossible to make it through the large crowd to the US military forces helping evacuate US citizens. On at least one occasion, according to her claims, the Taliban whipped her. In addition, the terrorists shot a man in the head standing near her. Since then, she’s been in hiding.

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