Israel’s Intelligence Service Saves Life of Top US General

Israel's Intelligence Service Saves Life of Top US General

( – Over the last year, the US has been talking with Iran to revitalize an Obama-era nuclear deal scrapped by former President Donald Trump. The talks have stalled because the Biden administration has refused Iran’s demand to remove their nation from the US government’s list of terror countries. On Friday, April 30, the Jerusalem Post reported the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, foiled a plot that included the murder of a US general.

Mossad said it interrogated Mansour Rasouli while operating inside Iran. The intelligence agency said Iran ordered Rasouli to create a cell using drug cartels to assassinate an Israeli diplomat in Istanbul, Turkey, a US general in Germany, and a journalist in France. Allegedly, the Iranians were willing to pay $1 million, and the regime gave $150,000 to a member of the Quds Force to coordinate the assassinations with European drug lords.

The Post showed a video of Rasouli admitting Iranian leaders ordered him to establish the hits. Making the case more interesting, Mossad almost always works outside of Iran and rarely inside of it to thwart attacks. Israeli officials pointed out the threat posed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard isn’t just against Isreal, and Western countries need to deal with threats as Iran asserts its terrorist activities against them.

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