Is It Time to Defund NPR?

Is It Time to Defund NPR?

( – For at least two decades, Conservatives pushed to defund NPR over allegations the partially taxpayer-funded organization only promoted Liberal points of view. According to Pew Research, only 5% of Americans named NPR as a media outlet where they obtained their political news.

Despite low political listenership and taxpayer-supported funding, NPR has become more aggressive against Conservatives and woke in its viewpoints over the last year. Once again, some people wonder if it’s time for Congress to defund NPR and question why taxpayer dollars are even needed to support it.

During former President Trump’s time in office, he submitted budgets that eliminated federal funding for NPR. However, Congress put the money back in the budget. According to the left-wing news agency, approximately 4% of its overall funding comes from federal, state and local governments. The rest comes from private entities. So, regardless of how much money is involved, why should taxpayers support a biased news source that only presents one worldview?

How bad has the woke-ism become?

NPR political journalists and commentators:

  • Embraced the woke term Latinx, which offends 40% of Latinos, with only 2% overall approving of the term
  • Said Republicans committed the Big Lie by questioning election integrity — yet when Biden outright stated Republicans rigged the 2022 midterms, NPR applauded
  • Concocted a faux controversy, all debunked, that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts ordered Justice Neil Gorsuch to wear a mask and that Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to attend hearings because Gorsuch wouldn’t comply
  • Regularly accused America of being systemically racist
  • Embraced Critical Race Theory and transgender narratives

Conservative’s tax dollars have helped fund these objectives.

So, what do you think? Should any of your hard-earned money go toward supporting the fourth estate in any form or amount?

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