Is Bernie Sanders Planning to Run — AGAIN?

Is Bernie Sanders Planning to Run -- AGAIN?

( – Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) could be in the field of candidates in 2024 if President Joe Biden bows out, according to a memo the Washington Post obtained. Sanders, the far-left progressive who runs on a platform of socialist democracy, was the runner-up in both of the last two Democratic primaries.

The memo, distributed to supporters, told voters to be ready for another Sanders campaign should Biden decide not to seek another term. While it doesn’t go so far as to say Sanders will run for sure, he hasn’t ruled it out. At 80, Sanders is slightly older than Biden, potentially taking his place as the oldest person to hold the office should the senator run and win in 2024.

The memo, written by longtime Sanders advisor Faiz Shakir, tells supporters to “embrace the attacks,” reiterating that the senator is, in fact, an “avowed Democratic Socialist.” Sanders spokesperson Mike Casca says the Independent is still the most popular person currently holding office, making him a viable candidate if Biden drops out.

According to the Washington Post, Biden announced his intention to run again shortly after his election, and his stance hasn’t changed. Maybe the question should be whether either man should run at their age.

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