Indiana Mother Dies By Drinking Too Much What?

Photo by Jonnica Hill on Unsplash

( – A mom of two from Indiana died from drinking too much water according to her family. Ashley Summers, 35 was on a vacation with her husband and daughters near Monticello at Lake Freeman when the incident occurred. The woman had drunk four bottles of water within 20 minutes according to her brother Devon Miller. As a result, she ended up hospitalized with brain swelling.

Miller revealed that the woman had drunk within 20 minutes four water bottles, which adds up to around 64 ounces overall. That is half a gallon, which is close to the daily water requirement.

Summers had said at the time that she had a headache and was feeling dehydrated. This caused her to think that she had not drunk enough water. She then ended up passing out in a garage and her family rushed her to the hospital.

However, the woman never managed to wake up and the doctor stated that she had died due to the water toxicity. Miller said that the entire incident was shocking and that none of them had ever heard of water toxicity.

Hyponatremia, also referred to as water toxicity, is a condition that occurs when the sodium concentration in one’s blood drops to abnormal levels, and the body’s water levels increase. The cells then begin to swell as a result of the condition. Professionals recommend drinking water in moderation as well as drinking drinks with electrolytes to avoid water toxicity.

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