Important Update: Conditions At The Border Worsen

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Border Patrol agents are preparing for a large migration push after Title 42 expires, four days before Christmas.

On Nov. 16, a federal judge ruled that the Biden administration would need to stop its use of Title 42 in order for migrants to be expelled by Dec. 21. The Trump-era policy gave U.S. authorities the power to hold migrants seeking asylum at the border. This measure was originally put in place in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the start of the outbreak.

A border Patrol agent wrote to the Examiner that when Title 42 ends they are expecting to see the whole system inundated. They added that at that point there won’t be a choice and the only thing they will prioritize is “administrative/detainee functions” instead of “actual enforcement.”

He added that the only way for them to handle the measure ending will be to send agents to the border where they can take care of processing. He continued to say that the only options will be to parole and release people in order to “avoid another large scale media event [i.e. Del Rio].”

Six Border Patrol employees also told the Examiner that once Dec. 21 comes, illegal immigrants will no longer be sent back.

A Senior Agent in West Texas also added that they knew that as soon as Title 42 ends there will be a “huge flood” of people who are going to overwhelm the “already broken immigration system.”

He added that Customs and Border Protection at that point will be forced to “release virtually everyone.”