Illegal Immigrants To Receive Luxury Hotel Rooms in NYC

Illegal Immigrants To Receive Luxury Hotel Rooms in NYC

NYC Gives Illegals A Lavish Surprise

( – As illegal immigrants flood the southern border, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott continues to bus the overflow to the northeast. New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has expressed outrage over the governor’s action. Yet, Abbott says the Big Apple is experiencing peanuts compared to Texas. On Monday, August 15, the US Customs and Border Patrol announced that since October 1, 2021, agents had encountered 2,242,413 unlawful aliens. As the buses keep docking in NYC, officials are securing housing for some of the new arrivals at luxury hotels.

Recently, the country’s largest city stated it would rent 1,000 hotel rooms at the 4-star Times Square resort “The Row” to accommodate the incoming migrants. On Thursday, August 18, officials announced they would secure 5,000 additional rooms. Ordinarily, spaces at The Row go for as much as $400 per night. Yet, to turn it into an emergency shelter, the hotel says it’s working with Mayor Adams to bring down prices. A hotel employee told the Daily Mail the company expects the undocumented immigrants to arrive by the end of August. He said they plan to give these guests standard rooms on the same floor.

The move comes as inflation eats away at housing prices for New York residents. While citizens struggle and some become homeless, criticism is growing. Do city officials care more for those who entered the country unlawfully than their own constituents?

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