Ilhan Omar Reveals Why She Backstabbed Democrats and Their Bill

Ilhan Omar Reveals Why She Backstabbed Democrats and Their Bill

( – Late on Friday, November 5, the House of Representatives passed the $1 trillion Senate bipartisan infrastructure deal that had been sitting on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk since August. A total of 13 House Republicans crossed the aisle to join all but 6 Progressive Democrats.

Every one of the far-left Squad members voted against the deal. They said the infrastructure and $1.75 semi-Socialist Build Back Better proposal were supposed to go together. The Squad tried to use the infrastructure bill as a hostage negotiation tool with Moderate senators to ensure they got what they wanted in the Build Back Better social spending proposal.

Far-Left Socialist and Congressional Progressive Caucus whip Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was the only member of the Minnesota delegation to vote against the infrastructure bill. Omar said voting for the bill risked childcare, paid leave, health care, climate change provisions and other social spending programs. Omar said she promised to fight to keep the legislation coupled together, and she kept her promise by voting against the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The White House said President Biden would sign it into law when Congress reconvenes around November 15.

Now in the Senate’s hands, Moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is likely to gut the semi-Socialist bill once again. On Thursday, the West Virginia Senator said the House would pass what it’s going to pass, but he added its members had changed the framework he’d agreed upon with President Biden.

The bill could still go through several changes before it sees the president’s desk. Will both chambers agree enough to pass the legislation to the president to sign into law? It has a long uphill battle to go.

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