Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Shares Stunning Details of Married Life

Hunter Biden's Ex-Wife Shares Stunning Details of Married Life

SCANDALOUS New Details Emerge Surrounding Hunter Biden’s Marriage

( – Hunter Biden’s ex-wife has a new memoir describing the horrors of marriage to a drunken, drug-addicted adulterer who couldn’t seem to live within his own means. Kathleen Buhle, 53, describes herself as a woman from a blue-collar Chicago home who found herself hitched to a nightmare. With the release of her exclusive memoir, the world will see just how far gone the younger Biden was during their time together.

Buhle describes a man who lived life large but often didn’t make ends meet. She relayed several embarrassing instances when stores declined her debit card, and she had to call him to transfer funds. As the situation worsened, she says he slipped further into alcoholism and addiction, distancing himself from his family.

After finding a crack pipe in an ashtray, Buhle tossed Biden out. Among many indiscretions, he had already admitted to adultery with prostitutes, and Buhle couldn’t take it anymore. Following the death of his brother, Beau Biden, the younger of the president’s two sons, spent much of his time working on The Biden Foundation, which culminated in his having an affair with his brother’s widow. Buhle divorced Biden in 2017.

While their marriage ended horribly, Buhle says she’s forgiven her former mate and moved on. She told People that living with anger is heavy and destructive, so she chooses to take the high road instead.

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