Hunter Biden Used Ketamine To Get Clean

Hunter Biden Used Ketamine To Get Clean

Hunter’s CONTROVERSIAL Treatment Plan – Why So Secretive?

( – The alleged contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop are back in the news. A video showing the former addict engaged in questionable rehabilitation may prove the president’s son underwent ketamine treatment to get clean. Dr. Keith Ablow, who won’t confirm whether he treated Biden, has come forward to laud the benefits of the controversial process.

Ablow is a former psychiatrist who says he used the drug often with positive results on patients with suicidal thoughts, depression, and those suffering from addiction. The shamed doctor, who lost his medical license after a sexual misconduct scandal, believes administering ketamine to someone with a substance abuse problem could help alter the brain.

Ablow used an oddly specific reference to crack users rewiring their brains to be artists. While his remark doesn’t confirm that Hunter Biden used the method, Ablow and the younger Biden reportedly discussed writing a book together. The president’s son seemingly walked away from his junkie ways to focus on a fairly lucrative art career.

Numerous studies on ketamine indicate the drug may have benefits for its intended uses, with surprisingly few of those treated becoming addicted to the treatment itself. Still, it’s possible. Most studies agree additional research is warranted because there simply isn’t enough data to determine the medication’s efficacy in treating drug users.

If you believe Dr. Ablow — and the evidence of Biden’s treatment allegedly found on his laptop — science could potentially add another case study based on the White House regular. Still, how much weight do the words of a disgraced former practitioner really carry?

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