Hunter Biden May Get Off Easy If He Takes a Plea Deal

Hunter Biden May Get Off Easy If He Takes a Plea Deal

Hunter Biden Probe Reaches CRITICAL Stage – Will He Get Off Scot Free?

( – Since explosive news broke in October 2020 that a laptop then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son owned contained potentially illegal information, Hunter Biden has been under media scrutiny. Additionally, he’s been undergoing a criminal probe over the last few years by the Department of Justice (DOJ). In July, a grand jury expired. Some believe the president’s son is more likely to face a plea deal than a full-blown pay-to-play scheme investigation involving his father.

In late July, The New York Post reported a former Justice Department employee believed they were wrapping up a criminal inquiry into a tax fraud and money laundering scheme. Numerous scholars and experts said prosecutors would likely offer a generous plea to Hunter Biden.

One expert said the grand jury never asked key witnesses any questions. This lack of detail is leading to questions over how prosecutors could charge the president’s son with serious crimes if they didn’t thoroughly vet any potential wrongdoing ahead of possible legal counts.

The younger Biden is at the center of numerous scandals. He once served as the vice chair of Amtrak despite having no qualifications other than a recommendation from his father, then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE). During his tenure as vice president, the appointee served on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, lacking any experience again. There are also stories about questionable Chinese and Russian business dealings.

So, when it’s time to face charges, will it pay to be the son of a president?

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