Hunter Biden Goes on Vacation With the President

Hunter Biden Goes on Vacation With the President

Hunter Biden SPOTTED – The Timing Couldn’t Be Worse

( – Summer vacations are a presidential tradition. George W. Bush spent his time away from the White House at his Crawford, Texas, ranch. The Obamas enjoyed Martha’s Vineyard. Now, President Joe Biden is staying at a secluded South Carolina mansion near the beach. A family friend owns the property.

On Thursday, August 12, the president, First Lady, son Hunter Biden, and his family flew on Air Force One to enjoy time off together. The media reports the time away from the White House will last at least seven days. Still, no one expects the FBI to raid the getaway property, interrogate the president’s son, or secure documents like the law enforcement agency did earlier in the week at former President Donald Trump’s home.

Biden’s Enjoy Lavish Vacation on Taxpayer Dime

Preparing for a presidential trip is expensive. Air Force One isn’t a cheap operation. It costs approximately $200,000 an hour to operate the massive aircraft. It’s also costly to send security and transportation teams to meet the nation’s chief executive when he arrives and keep him safe during his stay. Still, the trip appears to be working out great for the Biden family despite a declining economy and questions about their international business dealings.

On Thursday, the New York Post reported the commander in chief asked the wealthy widow of hedge fund founder James Allwin if the family could vacation at her South Carolina mansion. The home boasts nine bedrooms on the Kiawah Island property. A source told the paper the Bidens have stayed there numerous times and never once paid.

The property sits on two acres and includes a large swimming pool. Trees and bushes surround it with privacy.

Maria Allwin is a major Democratic donor. Over the years, she’s contributed significant donations to left-wing political campaigns. In September 2020, she gave $35,000 to the Biden Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee. Recently, she donated to Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) campaign. Yet, the anti-Trump Republican’s re-election chances appear a lost cause as polls show she may lose by a wide margin on Tuesday, August 16, to a primary challenge.

Will the FBI Seek Out Hunter Biden?

Republicans say the way the FBI has worked with Trump over his possession of presidential records and Hunter Biden’s tax and business dealings shows a double standard. The Justice Department has been investigating the president’s son for several years over alleged tax fraud, money laundering, and lobbying to his powerful father on behalf of foreign entities in China, Russia, Ukraine, and beyond.

Trump said the raid on his Mar-a-Lago home was political targeting. Others said it showed a corrupt legal system where justice isn’t equal. Some even claimed the existence of a blatant double standard as Hunter Biden continued to get a free pass.

What do you think? Is the DOJ employing a double standard?

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