Humpty Dumpty Statue Stolen at the Capital of Wisconsin

Humpty Dumpty Statue Stolen at the Capital of Wisconsin

( – Humpty Dumpty is a timeless, 17th-century Mother Goose nursery rhyme. At the center of the story is a brittle, egg-shaped character. You probably know the story. However, you may not know that there are some unique interpretations of the beloved character. For example, a bronze statue of Humpty Dumpty sits on a toilet instead of a wall. He’s affectionately known as Dumpty Humpty, and he’s gone missing.

On Saturday, September 25, Madison, WI, hosted the Art Fair on the Square. Police said an out-of-state vendor approached them, claiming someone stole her bronze statue of Humpty Dumpty on the bowl, worth $1,400. The vendor stated that she saw two men standing around watching while she set up her booth to prepare for shoppers. 

The woman said she left the booth for a few moments, came back and both the men and Dumpty Humpty were gone. Police secured surveillance video. The camera caught the two men fleeing the area with the statue in tow. Police are asking the public to help identify the two men. 

In case you are wondering who would want a Dumpty Humpty statue: There are numerous artist renditions of the famed character on a toilet bowl, and collectors seek them out. It’s also an excellent gift for a colon surgeon or gastroenterologist.

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