How One Church Did More for Americans Than All the Democrats in the Country

How One Church Did More for Americans Than All the Democrats in the Country

( – On Sunday, April 17, Christians worldwide celebrated Easter Sunday as gas prices around the country hovered above $4 per gallon. Experts warned gasoline prices would rise again after a minimal short reprieve. President Joe Biden announced he would begin releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Oil Reserves in early April, but it may barely put a dent in gas prices. On Saturday, churches across the nation did what Democrats in Washington, DC, couldn’t: they provided gas for people who needed it.

Across the country, church parishioners gave away gas cards to desperate Americans. In Charlotte, North Carolina, one church gave away $10,000 in gas, shopping gift cards, drive-up prayers, and lots of encouragement to people who needed it. Pastor Brian Carn of Kingdom City Church said people were able to experience what he gets to do every day: changing the lives that God allows him to change through ministry to others. On Instagram, Carn said the pandemic of fear wasn’t over, and people shouldn’t have to choose to go broke just to get to work.

In Charlotte, another ministry gave away 500 free gas cards worth $25 each to help alleviate some financial stress. In Indianapolis, Indiana, another church filled up over a hundred car tanks. In Sacramento, California, a church and local community raised $1,000 worth of gas to give folks a little bit of hope.

While the world may feel more uncertain than ever, there are still good people doing good things for others.

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