How Much Election Fraud Actually Happened?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Fraud hunters have challenged 92,000 Georgia voter registrations in the last year according to the data collected by the voting rights advocacy group Fair Fight Action. The information was published on NBC News.

According to the information the group gathered, amateur voter fraud hunters used voter rolls, public records, and door-to-door visits to determine which voter registrations needed to be challenged in the state. Fair Fight Action is currently suing in federal court over the challenge to the eligibility of 364,000 people who voted in the 2021 Senate runoff election. According to their filing, this large coordinated challenge is discriminatory.

The widespread challenge spans 15 out of the 159 counties in Georgia. The number of challenges is widely viewed as an aftereffect of the baseless allegations regarding a stolen election in the state. Senate Bill 202, Georgia’s 2021 sweeping election law, codifies that county residents have the right to file unlimited requests with election officials challenging voter registrations for voters that they believe are ineligible. The law further requires county officials to respond to the challenges within 10 business days.

Most of the challenges documented by Fair Fight were not successful, with 2,208 voter registrations having been removed at the hearing, while 3,500 others were being considered pending or challenged status, which would require the voters to update their voter registration. However, advocates and experts have argued that the new law has led to local officials trying to deal with all the bureaucracy and a large number of challenges while also running smooth elections.