House Democrats Secret Plan Get Leaked

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

On Tuesday House Democrats revealed a strategy plan that was originally concocted in January which would allow them to move through the partisan stalemate that is blocking them from passing a debt ceiling increase.

The plan would force a vote in the House for a debt limit increase, despite the opposition of Republicans, who currently hold a slim majority in the House. Republicans have for months alleged that they would only approve of an increase in the debt limit if it is accompanied by trillions of dollars in spending cuts. However, President Biden has refused to negotiate any such cuts and has instead been pushing for the debt ceiling to be increased so that the country can avoid defaulting on its debt.

The Treasury Department earlier this week revealed that the extraordinary measures taken to keep the country afloat following them hitting the debt limit could stop being enough to cover all of the government’s obligations as early as June 1. Less than 24 hours later, the Democrats revealed their plan, known as a discharge petition, which could force the floor to take a vote on legislation that is backed by the majority of lawmakers.

In order to be successful with this plan, the Democrats, 213 members, would need to gain the signature of 5 Republicans. Many GOP members have stated that this was never going to happen, especially as last week the GOP passed a debt ceiling package that included $4.8 trillion in deficit reduction.