Hillary Clinton Running In 2024?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that following her two previous failed presidential attempts in 2008 and 2016 she would not be trying to win the candidacy again.

Clinton is currently not focused on politics as she is promoting her new docuseries on Apple TV+ called Gutsy. When CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell asked Clinton in a recent interview if she was considering putting through a candidacy for the 2024 election cycle, Clinton replied that she would not. However, she did say that she would always try to promote a president that showed respect for the country’s institutions and democracy.

When asked if she would run if Donald Trump ran again, she said that he would be defeated.

As part of her CBS interview, she also accused Trump of the Jan 6. Riot says that one of the signs of true democracy is the peaceful transition of power. She even said that when in 2016 she won the popular vote but lost the electoral college it did not cross her mind once to ask Democrats to refuse to certify the results of the elections.

This is a change in Clinton’s attitude who previously called Trump an illegitimate president” throughout his time in office.

Regarding the topic of her handling of government emails, Clinton tweeted on Tuesday saying that she could not believe they were discussing this after all this time and that none of her emails were classified.

She also said that her emails which have been proven to have not been classified on three different occasions are a completely different situation than the one with Trump who has taken hundreds of classified documents to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

However, Trump’s Defenders have often compared the way the FBI handled Clinton’s case to what is happening with the classified material found in Trump’s house.