Hillary Clinton Reveals She’s Slept on the Mattress She Took From the White House

Hillary Clinton Reveals She's Slept on the Mattress She Took From the White House

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Suppose you lived in the White House for eight years… what one item would you take with you when it was time to go? For some, it might be a carpet or a token of some kind. That’s not what former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton took with them. On Wednesday, April 6, Hillary Clinton’s last podcast of “You and Me Both” wound down the season finale with an unexpected response. Clinton often invites listeners to call into the show and leave voicemail questions for her.

One listener asked Clinton if the beds in the White House were comfortable. Laughing, the former First Lady said the beds were very comfortable. In fact, they were so comfy that when the Clintons left the White House, they took their mattress with them. Before you think they did something wrong, Ms. Clinton said they asked permission to take it, and the White House told them they could because the new occupants (George W. and Laura Bush) would be getting a new mattress. Otherwise, Clinton said, it would have gone in the trash.

Ms. Clinton said they had the mattress for 20 years, it was so comfortable, and they only recently purchased a new one. That must have been an exceptional mattress. The Sleep Foundation says most mattresses only last between 7 and 10 years, but differing variables can influence their lifespans.

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