Harvard Just Spent $100M on the Craziest Thing Ever Heard

Harvard Just Spent $100M on the Craziest Thing You Ever Heard

Ivy League University Spends MAJOR Cash On Crazy Leftist Crusade

(TruthandLiberty.com) – A new report commissioned by Harvard President Lawrence Bacow in 2019 showed faculty, staff, and leaders at the school from 1636 to 1783 owned more than 70 Black and Native American slaves. Researchers discovered enslaved individuals’ names in historical documents and their connections to the school. Harvard’s governing body says it will spend $100 million to study and atone for its past ties to slavery due to the report.

The report details several ways the school benefited from slavery and continued to benefit from racial inequality. The school president said the university intends to identify and support the descendants of people who were enslaved and worked on the campus.

Harvard is the oldest and wealthiest school in the United States. Still, it’s among a growing number of colleges and universities researching their past involvement with the immoral practice of slavery to atone for its sins. The Harvard report suggested seven recommendations. It asks the school to recognize and research its ties to slavery publicly, engage with descendants of individuals enslaved by people who worked at the school, partner with other schools and nonprofits to end education inequalities, and focus on related impacts in the South and Caribbean.

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