Half of Democrats Want Internment Camps for the Unvaccinated, Poll Finds

Half of Democrats Want Internment Camps for the Unvaccinated, Poll Finds

(TruthandLiberty.com) – How much further could the Democrats’ war against the unvaccinated go? Apparently, it could get a lot worse. President Biden continues to say America is enduring a pandemic of the unvaccinated despite the high number of vaccinated and boosted individuals contracting the Omicron variant. The numbers don’t seem to matter to Democrats.

A new poll shows the complete failure of the educational system to teach civics. Worse still, it shows the left-wing media’s success in scaring the living you-know-what out of vulnerable Americans who don’t know the difference.

Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute found that 59% of Democratic voters favored government policies that would force unvaccinated citizens to remain in their homes at all times, barring any emergencies. In addition, the survey found that 48% of Democrats believed the government should be allowed to fine or imprison those who publicly questioned whether the COVID-19 vaccines worked.

It didn’t end there. Rasmussen said 47% of Democrats supported a government tracking program for residents who remained unvaccinated against COVID-19. Another 29% would support the government removing children from their homes and parents if the adults refused to vaccinate.

If you think it can’t happen in America, all one needs to do is look to Australia.

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