Guatemalan President Speaks Out Against Venezuelan Oil

Guatemalan President Speaks Out Against Venezuelan Oil

World Leader STANDS UP Against Communism

( – In March, Biden administration representatives traveled to Venezuela to discuss potential US oil purchases from Venezuela’s dictatorial regime, led by Nicol├ís Maduro. After another apparent US meeting with Venezuela, Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giammattei isn’t happy. The Guatemalan lawmaker is one of a few leaders running conservative democracies in Central and South America.

Visiting the United States, Giammattei met with Breitbart News, which asked the official how difficult it was to serve as a Conservative. The president stated it was tough, but he was also sincere and passionate about his beliefs and principles, which he wouldn’t violate. He offered an example by saying he would never purchase oil from Maduro, whom he called a dictator who has committed crimes against his own people. The Guatemalan president said negotiating with Venezuela was unthinkable.

Giammattei said he believes in democracy. No matter how much oil Maduro has or how much Guatemala might need the commodity, the president said he wouldn’t buy even a gallon from Venezuela. He added doing so would “nourish the devil.”

Giammattei’s words are a stark contrast to President Joe Biden’s actions. While the US president continues to deter domestic energy companies from extracting oil and refining gas in the country, the president has pleaded with OPEC for more oil, including Venezuela, one of the founding members of OPEC.

Could Biden learn something from Giammattei?

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