Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Will Pardon Son and Only Be a One-term President

Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Will Pardon Son and Only Be a One Term President

( – In recent weeks, the liberal media began waking up to the Hunter Biden story after censoring a New York Post article in October 2020, just weeks before the presidential election. On March 16, the New York Times admitted the laptop first reported on 18 months ago was legitimate and detailed some insights into the Biden family business. On Monday, April 4, Fox News host of “The Five,” Greg Gutfield, said there might be a good reason the media is finally getting on board after they discredited themselves for so long.

Gutfield asked if the media’s research revealed indictments against Hunter are about to be announced. He said it would make sense for the Justice Department to do it now while Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, occupies the Oval Office. Gutfield said the president could pardon his son and perhaps his brother before the Secret Service sends him off on a two-wheeled hand truck.

“The Five” co-host Dana Perino said she wouldn’t be surprised to see prosecutors file charges against the younger Biden. She added the White House would likely keep its distance from the DOJ’s investigation and would wait until after the midterm elections to do anything. Perino was a former DOJ spokesperson and said prosecutors know this is extremely sensitive ground. She said if the president were involved with his son or influenced the investigation, his narrative would likely get blown to pieces.

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