Grandparents Jailed for Horrific Child Abuse

Grandparents Jailed for Horrific Child Abuse

Grandparents In The Big House After Committing UNSPEAKABLE Acts Against Grandchild

( – Many people have fond memories when they think of grandparents. Unfortunately, one 13-year-old boy’s recollections will likely haunt him for life. On Memorial Day, Armin Rodriquez, 70, and his wife, Susan Rodriguez, 67, reportedly turned themselves in to police in Cincinnati, Ohio, on child endangerment charges. The authorities accused the step-grandparents of keeping the young teenager in a horrific environment for three years.

Reports indicate the step-grandparents were so harsh on the boy and mistreated him so severely that he developed atrophy in his legs. Police had been investigating the boy’s parents after a neighbor reported alleged abuse; they then learned about the step-grandparents’ actions. Police said the couple allegedly forced their grandson to stand alone in a room for hours at a time, beat him, and limited his food. Additionally, law enforcement said the teenager wasn’t allowed to urinate without permission from his mother or grandmother.

A grand jury indicted the elderly couple. Prosecutors charged each grandparent with one count of child endangerment resulting in physical harm and collaboration with child endangerment for aiding or abetting their daughter’s behavior against the boy.

The teenager now lives with his aunt, who says he suffers from intense pain, walks with a limp, and remains emotionally traumatized.

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