Government Handing Out Covid Stimulus

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Government Handing Out Covid Stimulus

The government’s internal watchdog has announced that there are around 10 million Americans who are still eligible to receive another COVID-19 stimulus check.

Those who have little to no income and fall in the lowest tax bracket, meaning they don’t have to pay taxes, are required to file a simplified tax return by November 15 to get their next stimulus check. This information is provided by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in a relevant blog post.

The agency wrote that throughout the pandemic the COVID-relief checks were meant to assist those with lower incomes or who might be experiencing homelessness. Still, of all of those who could potentially be eligible, around 9 to 10 million never filed the necessary information in order to receive those checks.

According to the GAO findings, commonly those who don’t file tax returns, are first-time filers, are homeless, or have mixed immigration status are most likely to have not received the payments that they could have.

Both the Trump and Biden administrations set aside around $932 billion which went directly to Americans that were dealing with the economic impact of the pandemic. The process of the stimulus checks being sent out was “challenging for the IRS and Treasury.”

Many have defended the IRS saying that the distribution of the stimulus checks should not have been under the administration’s duties, especially as they still have millions of unprocessed tax returns. Americans are also left waiting for their annual tax refund.

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