GOP Is Holding Biden Accountable for the Ukraine Crisis

GOP Is Holding Biden Accountable for the Ukraine Crisis

( – While Democrats and Republicans condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion into Ukraine, that’s about the end of the bipartisanship on the issue. Republicans are voicing their displeasure with several policies enacted by President Joe Biden over the last year. They’ve also condemned missteps they believe contributed to the crisis unfolding in Ukraine, which could become the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II and cause severe economic issues at home.

On Tuesday, February 22, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Biden’s mistaken and devastating withdrawal from Afghanistan emboldened Putin to send 150,000 troops to the Ukrainian border. Republican House leaders said the president chose to appease Putin and alleged he didn’t back his tough talk with decisive actions.

Republicans also attacked Biden for halting oil and gas production in the United States and flipping America from energy independent to energy-dependent on OPEC. Since Biden initiated his war on US energy companies in January 2021, gas prices steadily rose, contributing to part of the skyrocketing inflation plaguing America. In addition, the GOP criticized the president for waiving sanctions on the $11 billion gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.

Perhaps the most stinging rebuke was Republicans’ statement the US needs a strong military to be strong diplomatically. To be a military powerhouse, America must be strong economically. The GOP said Biden undermined the US economy in 2021, which played right into Putin’s hands.

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