Good Samaritan Saves Mailman In Incredible Way

Photo by Joel Moysuh on Unsplash

( – A good Samaritan who was carrying a firearm was able to stop the robbery of a postal worker in Chicago.

A witness that was in the Chicago suburb where the incident took place revealed to NBC News that there were multiple bangs and the next thing they heard was their mother screaming that they were hoping those were not gunshots.

The police arrived at the Village of River Grove neighborhood at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, where they found that an armed suspect had tried to get a U.S. Postal Service employee to hand over their keys. The mail carrier provided their keys to the suspect, but then a witness from nearby intervened by firing at the suspect.

Police have stated that during the altercation there were both gunshots and words exchanged. They added that the male suspect then returned to the vehicle that he had originally used to arrive at the scene and tried fleeing north.

Two sisters from the neighborhood revealed that their mother had taken the postal worker into their home following the gunshots to help calm them down. They added that the mailman would regularly visit and so their mother was talking to him.

The sisters pointed out that the victim was in a lot of distress. As they stated the neighborhood where the incident took place tends to be quiet which is why many people thought that the loud noise was made by fireworks rather than gunshots.

The attempted robbery did not result in any injuries and the postal vehicle was not stolen.

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