Glock Faces Lawsuit by Shooting Victim in NY Subway

Glock Faces Lawsuit by Victim Shooting in NY Subway

Shooting Victim Blames Everyone But The Shooter Himself

( – A woman shot on a New York subway by a lunatic with a handgun is suing Glock for putting the idea in his head. According to Ilene Steur, one of ten people shot during the madman’s rampage, it was — at least in part — Glock’s sales tactics that caused her injuries. The shooter, Frank James, used a Glock 17 he had purchased legally from a pawn shop in Ohio years before.

James opened fire in a crowded subway car, ultimately causing injuries to 29 people due to gunshot wounds and commuters trampling one another while trying to escape. Regardless of those facts, Steur’s suit claims that Glock and its Austrian parent company are responsible because their very existence amounts to a “public nuisance.”

The suit stems from a New York law signed by disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo allowing crime victims to hold gun manufacturers accountable for the individual actions of criminals and the mentally ill. A New York federal judge recently upheld the law, but it could come up against stronger resistance if it makes it to the Supreme Court.

Steur’s suit claims Glock markets their guns as easily concealable and emphasizes “high capacity clips,” making their advertisements a public nuisance. How lawyers intend to translate those claims to a man purchasing a weapon from a pawn shop three states away over a decade earlier and proving criminal or negligent intent remains a mystery.

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