Gingrich Sets Sights on Harris as Voter Law Debate Heats Up

Gingrich Sets Sights on Harris as Voter Law Debate Heats Up

( – Voter laws have been the subject of a heated debate among Republicans and Democrats, both with very different ideas and perceptions. Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker, taunted Dems for their ideology that anyone can vote, as long as they vote Democrat. More details on the situation follow as the debate heats up.

Dead Loser

Gingrich stated that the effort by the Democrats to stop voter ID regulations is politically a “dead loser.” Gingrich attacked Vice President Harris’ statement that some rural Americans would not be able to prove their identities. According to Gingrich, Harris’ claim that some residents cannot obtain proof of identity has offended prominent leaders in the African-American community, many of whom have spoken out against her. He added that he believes the Democrats are “trapped into” their stance on voter ID.

Gingrich on the Offensive

After Harris’ statement, in which she said requirements for voters to photocopy and send in their IDs would be nearly impossible for rural communities, Gingrich fired back. He said Vice President Harris “looks like a fool more than a vice president about half the time.” He further insulted her by claiming she’s never been in a supply store in her life and has staff to essentially do all her work for her. Gingrich also mocked Democrats for having the idea that anyone can vote, no matter how long they’ve been dead, so long as they vote Democrat.

Weak Foundation

Democrats seem to be attempting to alter laws on nothing more than flimsy ideas and false claims. Republicans are attempting to strengthen the security of our elections, especially after the 2020 election has sparked so much controversy. Gingrich makes a strong claim in contrast to the Democrats’, adding that most Americans are “for everybody who is legal voting” and “everybody who is legal being counted.”

After the 2020 election and the amount of trouble it caused, the idea of being able to ensure everyone who votes is legally able to do so is an important part of our republic. Without these security measures in place, elections will no longer be fair and just, and the cheaters will win.

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